Michigan’s public-school system has been failing to provide the education that helps our students compete in the world economy. I believe our children deserve a world-class education, where they graduate prepared for college and their future careers. To ensure that we provide a rigorous and exceptional education for our children, we must recruit and support the best teachers to our schools, fight against budget cuts towards public education, and oppose legislation that threatens Michigan schools.


I believe every single family and individual in Detroit, Dearborn and Melvindale should have access to quality and affordable healthcare, no matter their income status. Despite Michigan’s expansion of Medicaid, there are still underinsured citizens in our state. I believe local and state governments should work together to make healthcare accessible to all, decrease the cost of prescription drugs, increase immunization rates, and improve population health by supporting local community organizations.


Michigan’s environment and natural resources must be protected. From the Great Lakes, to the Rouge River, to the many local parks and trails, our natural assets provide us with a source of healthy living, clean water, and tourist attractions. I believe more should be done about the pollution that plagues our communities. Clean air and water should never be compromised for economic, political, or financial gains.

Economic Development

The hearts of Detroit, Dearborn and Melvindale are their hard-working families.  We must support entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build and grow their companies by lowering barriers of entry, providing low-cost start-up loans, and granting incentives to those willing to hire and keep jobs in Michigan. We must protect economic stability of Michigan’s families by raising the minimum wage, lowering taxes for the working-class, securing seniors’ pensions, and advocating for greater accountability in the public and private sectors.

Women’s & Girls Issues

I am a proud advocate for women’s issues. In 2017, I worked on bills to protect sexual assault victims, advance work pay equity and secure funding for affordable childcare. Seeing the potential for so much more work to be done, I am establishing a foundation with the mission to empower teen girls toward becoming strong confident, successful and moral future leaders.

Criminal Justice

I will continue to work hard to pass bipartisan legislation to bring more common sense to our criminal justice system. Michigan spends 2 billion dollars annually on corrections. We have made progress in reducing the prison population and I am proud to support bipartisan legislation that will help ensure that we are getting individuals out of the prison system who are medically frail or eligible for parole who are most likely to succeed back in the community. As State Representative, I passed legislation to ensure that exonerees who were wrongfully imprisoned receive reentry services.