Sylvia Santana is a candidate for State Senator of the 3rd district and currently serves as the State Representative of the 9th district which encompasses Detroit and Dearborn.

Prior to serving in the Michigan legislature Representative Santana was President of the Warrendale Community Organization where she increased participation and membership amongst residents.  Sylvia led community clean up efforts, secured grant funding for community projects and served as a strong voice for the Warrendale community. 

Sylvia Santana holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Eastern Michigan University and has worked in the financial services industry for 15 years prior to serving in the House of Representatives.  Her committees include Department of Health and Human Services, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and Corrections.

In her first term in office, Sylvia has played a major role in legislation seeking to solve the high cost of auto insurance, repeal of the driver’s responsibility fees, changes in our state’s mental health services, and legislation that supports law enforcement. As Minority Vice chairwoman of the Corrections budget, Sylvia has taken a serious look at the nearly $2 Billon dollar budget in sought to improve the use of these tax dollars.

Sylvia’s bi-partisan leadership is well known and respected in Lansing.  Immediately upon her election she began working to build strong relationships with her colleagues that led to members who have never visited Detroit or Dearborn to tour the 9th district and become knowledgeable of the richness of our cultural and religious diversity.  When legislators began the process of reviewing Michigan’s mental health laws and funding, Sylvia’s leadership was immediately recognized by the Speaker of the House and she was asked to serve as a member of a special task force specifically designed to address mental health.

She wears many hats – but three that she is most proud of and work tirelessly at are: wife, mother, and public servant. As a wife, mother of three children, and public servant, it’s important to her that: 1) Communities are safe, 2) Education offered enables a bright future for children to compete globally, and 3) The economy thrives to sustain and grow local businesses supporting the community. 

As State Senator of District 3, she will focus on the development of the economy by ensuring that dollars stay in the community through local businesses and job opportunities. She will also devote her time to the safety of the neighborhoods and families. It is important that firefighters and police officers are equipped with the necessary tools to carryout their responsibilities, and to also have job security. She wants her community to be safe, have access to a quality education, and a growing economy. This will provide a sense of peace to residents of the community and attract new homeowners.

Sylvia is married to former State Representative Harvey Santana whom she met freshman year of college at Eastern Michigan University. They were married in 2003 and have three children: Sofia, Olivia, and Samuel.

Sylvia remains committed to her community and its progress. As State Senator, she will be able to better serve and meet the needs of her community. It is her hope that she can count on you in the months ahead. For a strong, proud District 3, she encourages you to Vote Santana – Sylvia Santana on November 6.