Sylvia Santana is a candidate for State Representative of District 9. She is a Detroiter by way of Cincinnati, Ohio. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University, her family moved to the Warrendale area. She's been an active member in her community since that time – more than a decade. 

Sylvia has extensive professional experience working in the financial industry – more than 15 years. At a high-level, she manages the health of a loan and funding portfolio. She works to identify credit facilities and other sources of funding available to small businesses in efforts to achieve economic empowerment for local communities. Sylvia is a trusted resource to local business owners guiding them through the lending process and vetting of financial options to fund their business ideas. It is her passion to ensure small business owners are equipped with the right tools to build a solid business infrastructure and thrive. 

She wears many hats – but three that she is most proud of and work tirelessly at are: wife, mother, and public servant. As a wife, mother of three children, and public servant, it’s important to her that: 1) Communities are safe, 2) Education offered enables a bright future for children to compete globally, and 3) The economy thrives to sustain and grow local businesses supporting the community. 

She’s had the pleasure of serving her community in various ways from creating and leading the neighborhood block club, serving as finance director and now president of the Warrendale Community Organization, and a host of other work performed. Sylvia has been dedicated to the betterment of her community, the city of Detroit, and state of Michigan at-large.

While she’s seen the progression of her neighborhood in the recent years, there is still much work to be completed. She’s confident that by continuing her service in a new capacity as hopeful State Representative of District 9, she will be able to further progress her district.  

As State Representative of District 9, she will focus on the development of the economy by ensuring that dollars stay in the community through local businesses and job opportunities. She will also devote her time to the safety of the neighborhoods and families. It is important that firefighters and police officers are equipped with the necessary tools to carryout their responsibilities, and to also have job security. She wants her community to be safe, have access to a quality education, and a growing economy. This will provide a sense of peace to residents of the community and attract new homeowners.

Sylvia is married to State Representative Harvey Santana whom she met freshman year of college at Eastern Michigan University. They were married in 2003 and have three children: Sofia, Olivia, and Samuel.

Sylvia remains committed to her community and its progress. As State Representative, she will be able to better serve and meet the needs of her community. It is her hope that she can count on you in the months ahead. For a strong, proud District 9, she encourages you to Vote Santana – Sylvia Santana on August 2.